Decorator of Canada's Grand Hotels


Kate's journals and scrap books illuminate a little-known chapter of Canadian social life seen through the lens of a woman of great intelligence, wit and charm, one who lived at a time, like our own, when style was everything.

Her place in Canada's history is unquestionably unique. Only someone with foresight, imagination and unfailing energy could have cut such an indelible path through our country's history, spanning the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the First World War and its aftermath, and do it with such grace and original style.

Kate's work for the CPR hotels is often mentioned in books on Canada's formative years. She was included in the CBC TV series Canada: A People's History, and the book of the same title, and in Production Pixcom's fifteen part film series Great Train Stories.

The biography of Kate Reed, Canada's first decorator, is now on sale in some Canadian bookstores.

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